What a la Mode in 2019? Sizzling Hot Fashion Trends Straight off the Runways

The catwalks for 2019 have spoken out loud and clear: 2019 will be the most audacious, bold, and raunchy year ever for the fashion industry. The ensemble sent down the runways celebrated reckless boldness in fashion and style. Gone is the minimalism and rules of playing soft and has been replaced by fearlessly cheeky styles.

Go Bold or Go Home!

As a femme en vogue, you need to give the most sought after fashion trends of the season a try! From the looks of it, 2019 will be a scorcher. Here’s a sensational compilation of the trendiest and the chicest style inspirations to revamp your wardrobe for 2019.

Puff it Up

Every season, we witness a new variation of the bold shoulders. This time, the broad and padded shoulders have been replaced by the puffed up sleeves. From the Brock Collection to Saint Laurent, the puffier sleeves rocked the runway.



Work Your Way Head Downwards

The chicest solution for the bad hair days in 2019? Stylish, statement head accessories! Ditch that dry shampoo and don your oversized hats, printed turbans, and classy, lux head wraps. Jacquemus La Bomba hat was all the rage last year and the designers, including Kate Spade and Michael Kors, drew inspiration from the trend while putting their twist on it.

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Embrace your Boho Self

The warm and sensual colors were paraded down the Chloé runway featuring dreamily alluring dresses adorned with accessories straight outta some pilgrim’s latest voyage. You can go for fringed pieces, scarf dresses, knitwear, and clashing geometric prints to rock this look.

Street Style Hits the Runways

Yeah, sometimes, it works the other way round. As comfort becomes the top priority of women shopping fashion in 2019, thanks to the popularity of wearing active wear outside gym, several other fashion staples have taken the center stage. Say hello to the Biker Shorts and get ready to pair your favorite ones with crop tops and even classy, elegant jackets.


Splash It!

2019 is officially the year of tie-dye. From going all out and doing a head-to-toe tie-dye ensemble to muted tones of colors in tie-dye, you have endless styling options.

Feather is the New Fur!

From feathered earrings to bags to feather adorned heels, this trend is everywhere. It has such an ethereal quality that we just can’t have enough of it!





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